About Us

Creative Youth Revolution

Creative Youth Revolution is trying to spread awareness and motivation towards making society a better place through the medium of creative art. It is founded by the youth of Uttarakhand who are born and brought up in big cities. Yet we believe that it is through returning to our roots and with the help of our creative temperament as well as our understanding of societal complexities that we can take our Pahad and its culture to new heights. CYR aims to provide platform to the several creative ventures that can bring out the nuances of Pahadand amalgamate modern ethos of Pahad with traditional ones. We at CYR have such professionals who have had done extraordinary work in their respective fields across the world and now wanted to excel in propagating the culture and tradition of Pahad.

It is said that change begins at home, so being a Uttarakhandi we have taken up ‪#‎Project_Pahadh which not only intends to promote and explore the different nuances of Pahadhi culture but through this project we also want to give Pahadhi people the maximum benefit from our creative ventures.



The reason behind starting Creative Youth Revolution is to understand the core feeling that every person goes through and time and again expresses it: the feeling of being increasingly detached with no roots, irrespective of how good they are doing in their lives. They want to do something for their society or their nation and for that they might have started or thinking about starting group or organization.

We at CYR are passionately dedicated towards navigating this desire towards its end.




CYR will not only provide a platform where a person can show his/her creativity through various cultural or traditional programmes but we will also aim to celebrate the efforts of those people who are making a change in the society and those great personalities who continue to inspire and motivate us.



We will train the women and make them equip with the basic knowledge, attitude and skills to play effective roles in promoting the process of development. And it is time to create awareness among our rural youth about new technologies for adoption in the field of agriculture and other rural development. To create such awareness we will organize consultations and programs not only to discuss these issues but to honour those people who had invested their skills for the betterment of Pahad, in order to motivate the Pahadi Youth.



CYR will hold health camps and nutritional education programs will be developed for teaching the people of Pahad about the benefit of adopting healthier life styles. Because often it is seen that people of Pahad are rarely conscious of their health, and even if they are, their methods most of the times are very traditional which often proves fatal for their lives. Thus, if the health education is given in a proper way, it can bring out the positive changes in the beliefs of people regarding nutrition and health aspects.



CYR team is planning to distribute the stationary items and other things to financially deprived students so the students can continue their education.

To promote sports, CYR  will organize several sports events, tournaments and seminar where we will not only invite popular sports personalities to share their journey and experiences but we will also acknowledge these budding talented people and to provide them a platform to showcase their gifts.